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Our Services

NetPMD Solutions offers a variety of services tailored to your business needs.

Fiber Design

We design fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks using the latest technologies. We assess jurisdictional, 3rd party, and private requirements using key GIS information such as aerial photography, roads, and bridge crossings to optimize our designs for constructability, ease of permitting and future expansion while accelerating faster network integration.

Permit Management

We leverage our positive relationships with jurisdictions and extensive knowledge of each authority's fine nuances to streamline the permit process toward successful approval. As a result, this reduces your costs and increases your operational efficiency. 

Permit Drafting

Our skilled teams provide quality drafted drawings through each phase of the permit process, from concept to custom plans and profiles to final as-built drawings, compliant with state, local and third party requirements, including utility companies, railways, DOT, and flood control.

Traffic Control Plans

We customize local, state, and national code-compliant traffic control plans to jurisdictional standards through various phases of temporary traffic control to keep pedestrians, vehicles and public property safe, in turn reducing construction liabilities.

Construction As-builts

At project close-out, we capture final in-field markups and revisions on as-built drawings to accurately document changes to original design allowing for identifying areas of adjustments for continuous improvement on future designs.

Field Services

We help collect and interpret field data including existing utilities, feasibility of construction methods, and other present field conditions in order to avoid design conflicts while aligning with jurisdictional records. 

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