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Stacey Alfier

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Director of Engineering

“In recognition of her pivotal role in solidifying NetPMD Solutions as the preferred provider of engineering solutions for fiber networks, it is with great pleasure that I announce Stacey's promotion to Director of Engineering. Stacey has done an amazing job, and I am excited for her to lead NetPMD Solutions in her new capacity to continue delivering value to our esteemed customers.”


-David Seematter, CEO of NetPMD Solutions

A Bit About My Progress

In just under 2 years with NetPMD Solutions, Stacey has excelled in managing the production and quality of permitting work, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards across multiple jurisdictions. She skillfully maintains client relationships while actively seeking new business opportunities to drive company growth. Stacey's strategic approach includes managing monthly revenue forecasts and fostering the growth and development of her team members. Through effective communication and collaboration, she consistently establishes clear weekly expectations to align with overarching monthly objectives, ensuring the success of the organization.


Stacey’s proven capacity to lead, manage, and deliver results positions her as a significant asset to the company. Her track record merits a promotion, acknowledging her substantial contributions and enabling the company to advance organizational objectives in her elevated role as Director of Engineering.

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