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Eric Dean

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Director of Project Management

“Eric has continually added value every day since the moment he joined NetPMD Solutions. He has built a strong team around him and stands ready for the next chapter in our journey. I am confident that our customers and our team will both greatly benefit from Eric taking on additional leadership responsibilities as Director of Project Management.”


-David Seematter, CEO of NetPMD Solutions

A Bit About My Progress

Over the past 2 years with NetPMD Solutions, Eric has effectively managed a team of project managers and permit specialists across multiple states, facilitating seamless coordination and communication with clients and municipalities. He vigilantly monitors production and work quality, consistently meeting or exceeding standards. Collaborating with various jurisdictions, Eric ensures regulatory compliance, showcasing his commitment to legal and procedural adherence. Furthermore, he collaborates closely with management and direct reports to establish clear weekly expectations aligned with overarching monthly goals, effectively driving team performance towards strategic objectives.


Eric has demonstrated his ability to lead, manage, and achieve results makes him a valuable asset to the company, deserving of a promotion to recognize his contributions and further leverage his expertise in advancing organizational goals in his new role as Director of Project Management.

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