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Dave Garner

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VP of Operations

“I am humbled and in awe that an industry vet like Dave is willing to join us in this venture. Dave's vast work experience, knowledge and drive firmly sets the foundation for creating and delivering customer value. This is a key hire for us and Dave is definitively the right person for this job.”


-David Seematter, CEO of NetPMD Solutions

A Bit About Me

Dave brings a distinguished career of over 40+ years spanning Telecommunications Systems, Network Design, Implementation, and Project Management. Dave has earned recognition as a titan in the industry, celebrated for his unwavering commitment to excellence across his decades of experiences. Dave's journey speaks volumes about international success, as he has spearheaded the launch of communication systems worldwide.

Dave will oversee every aspect of project management for the company. From optimizing budgets and timelines to fostering a culture of excellence through talent recruitment and process innovation, he determines to leave a positive impact on every FTTX project under his purview, carrying each one through the steps of design, drafting, and permitting.

Previously holding a range of positions including Senior Engineering Manager at Quanta Telecom Services, and Regional Director at Mobilitie, Dave has led FTTH projects across multidisciplinary teams, skillfully crafted comprehensive SOWs to spearhead innovative mobile app initiatives that revolutionized asset tracking and coordination. His commitment to excellence extended to overseeing T-Mobile NSB management and shaping national IOU standards for pole attachments, and furthermore, his mastery in OSP construction, design, and implementation over a decade speaks to his ability to turn vision into reality with unparalleled precision. In essence, Dave is a force to be reckoned with, and his passion for excellence brings with him a bright and boundless future for the company.

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