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Michael Fling

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Network Design Manager

“Michael brings the perfect blend of experience, energy, and inquisitiveness we were looking for to build an industry-leading design team. I extremely excited to watch him excel in this critical role.”


-David Seematter, CEO of NetPMD Solutions

A Bit About Me

With over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Michael will orchestrate the strategic engineering of fiber-to-the-home builds across numerous major cities in the United States, setting the stage for unparalleled network connectivity and unwavering reliability.


Michael will lead the company's team of fiber design engineers and analysts to implement standardized processes aimed at amplifying productivity and curbing re-work. He will be responsible to forecast workforce needs, conduct labor cost analyses, create engineering bids, oversee project execution of low-level (LLD) engineering designs, and analyze contractual documents to ensure project compliance.

Prior to his role at NetPMD Solutions, Michael held key positions at notable industry giants such as Quanta Telecommunication Services and Comcast and left indelible contributions to the telecommunications landscape. During his tenure as Design Manager at Quanta, Michael led the successful implementation of multiple large-scale fiber-to-the-home projects spanning approximately 1,700 miles and reaching an impressive 140,000 homes passed. This monumental achievement underscored Michael's ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver results on a grand scale. At Comcast, Michael's multifaceted roles illuminated his versatility; from serving as a Planning and Design Engineer to seamlessly transitioning into roles as a Business Project Coordinator, Construction Specialist, and Comm-Tech 4, Michael showcased his adaptability across various facets of telecommunications operations. Throughout his journey, he exhibited unwavering proficiency in project execution, adept stakeholder communication, inspirational team leadership, and unmatched technical acumen in designing and implementing telecommunications networks.

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