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Building a Digital Future

Fiber Network Design Services Professional Company

Closing the Digital Divide

NetPMD Solutions - Your Partner in Broadband 


About Us

At the forefront of the fiber broadband revolution, we design the backbone of smart cities. NetPMD Solutions is an independent, professional services and fiber network design company that helps businesses pursue successful smart city transformation by providing turnkey engineering solutions to support fiber deployments across the United States. 

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What We Do

Across the nation, our partners and clients build Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) fiber optic network infrastructure to make this possible. With this network, broadband internet providers will have the opportunity to move away from traditional coaxial copper cable networks and gain open access to directly deliver high-speed fiber-only broadband internet to households and commercial businesses. The inherent characteristics of fiber cables, which consist of thin strands of glass fibers, provide an advantage over traditional coaxial counterparts by allowing for faster data transmission in the form of light signals over longer distances, as they are less susceptible to signal losses and interference effects. We leverage these characteristics in our designs to bridge the digital divide and bring broadband to the end user.

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Who We Are

By the Numbers

NetPMD Solutions is an independent, professional services and network design company. We help businesses successfully deploy fiber through turnkey engineering solutions across the United States. 


Years in Business


Projects Completed


Address Passings

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David Seematter

CEO, NetPMD Solutions

Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet your digital transformation needs.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality services.

Fiber Design

Permit Management

Permit Drafting

Traffic Control Plans

Construction Drawings &


Field Services

How We Achieve

Our Process

We have helped numerous businesses pursue successful digital transformation with our proven processes. Here is an overview of what it looks like.


GIS Basemapping


Address Validation


Field Services


Network Feasibility Study (High-Level Design)

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Fiber Network Design (Low-Level Design)


Permit Drafting & Management


Project Management


Construction Drawings & As-built

Utility Pole Analysis

Professional Engineer Stamp

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