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NetPMD Solutions is an independent, professional services and network design company.   

Evolving from the growing demand for turnkey engineering solutions provider to support fiber deployments across the United States, we help businesses pursue successful digital transformation.

VISION:  To build a world class engineering solutions company that clients rely on for their most critical fiber design and  engineering needs.

MISSION:  NetPMD Solutions LLC strives to be the preferred provider of engineering solutions for fiber deployments across the United States.

VALUES:  Client-Centric Solutions, Continual Innovation, Empowered Workforce, Energetic Attitude and Trust

NetPMD Solutions’ knowledgeable and dedicated team of industry specialists live at the forefront of the fiber network evolution. We have extensive experience working alongside privately owned telecom companies deploying 100% fiber networks citywide, allowing NetPMD Solutions to design and build full fiber infrastructures for enterprises to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) generation.

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