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NetPMD Solutions help our partners to successfully design and implement a variety of advanced communication networks. Our specialized processes include Desktop OSP for a variety of advanced fiber optic network designs including FTTH and FTTP using GPON and other technologies.

Fiber to the Premises Design


High Level Design

  • Design to support financial project planning for the client

Feasibility Assessments and Opportunity Evaluations

  • Assess construction viability by reviewing key GIS information, identifying:

    • Jurisdictional, non-jurisdictional (Third Party) areas; and

    • Private homeowner association or private MDU complex areas.

  • Assess permit area requirements through a detailed review of aerial photography identifying and classifying roads, bridges or crossings as jurisdictional and Third Party permit authorities.​


Fiber Design for Small Cell and Community Broadband

  • Support for centralized, distributed, point to point fiber design

  • Smart City design adapting to changing and evolving technology and environment

Geographic Information System Mapping

  • Gather/analyze jurisdictional specific GIS files

  • Contact coordination with public works departments to identify and classify jurisdictional requirements for the appropriate permit authority

  • Identify potential hazards to safeguard active equipment


As-Built Support


Post construction design/records update

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