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NetPMD Solutions LLC Announces New CEO: About

13 September 2020


NetPMD, the leading provider of professional services and network design solutions has successfully secured the network integration business for the first SiFi Networks East Coast FiberCity® in Salem MA. With construction work starting before the end of the year, the project will bring fast gigabit internet services to every home and business in the City and enable Smart City applications such as e-education, e-health and waste management to be accessed by all.    


Under the agreement NetPMD will manage the project process and resources needed to provide management and monitoring for the Backhaul Network to connect the huts in Salem to the data centers and enable the onward connection to service providers.   


A complete network topology will be supplied for the city project together with high level network requirements including identification of data centers in Boston, QA/QC surveys and duct designs, equipment configuration and validation of the network configuration to ensure all residential and non-residential units in Salem are capable of connection to the network.   


Finally, data center integration, installation and cabinet staging will provide a live production environment to define and test configurations for residential and business high speed internet services. 


Ben Bawtree-Jobson CEO at SiFi Networks said “We are delighted to award our Salem Gigabit City integration work to NetPMD. With a strong background in connecting fiber networks providers to homes and businesses they will provide a smooth and uninterrupted integration service to this first US east coast FiberCity® project.” 


Nick Whittaker, Chairman of NetPMD commented “It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to provide professional services to the City of Salem, help in its economic development and continue to grow our strategic partnership with SiFi Networks.” 

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